Sweep For Life

Benefits to being a “Sweep for Life” member… …for starters membership is free!

* Discount Travel Fees *

You will get $10.00 off travel fees on a predetermined service cycle.  Scheduled year in advance and by area.

Forward scheduling with Merle’s “Sweep for Life” program gives you piece of mind and saves you from having to remember to call every year.

Grouping service calls together by area saves us time and fuel and gives you the benefit of discounts… … so everyone is a winner.

* Payment Plans *

2 month payment plans are available for “Sweep for Life” members  50% down/interest free for 60 days.

* Hearth Accessories *

20% off hearth accessories.

Heat Wave Fans – Fireplace Tools – Rugs – Fireplace Screens – Bellows – Wood Holders & Carriers – Steamers – Grates and much more… …