*  Stove Sales and Installation *

Wood, Gas & Pellet

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* Chimney Clean/Inspection *

We offer over 17 years of experienced full service

chimney & stove cleaning and repairs.

Merle’s Masonry, Chimney Care & Stoves is Licensed, Bonded & Insured.

Most people know that chimneys need cleaned but often don’t think of it until smoke starts coming out of stove pipe joints or there is a chimney fire and the fire department needs to be called.  Sometimes the cap is so plugged up that the fire actually goes out after lighting.

“The Chimney Doctor” recommends a regular yearly appointment to clean and inspect your stove & chimney or fireplace chimney.

That is just good preventative medicine for a chimney that likely needs at least an annual checkup.

* Chimney Lining & Caps *

A properly installed pipe system and cap insures that your heating appliance has proper draft and keeps out unwanted visitors.

Merle’s is current with all safety codes and standards in this industry and guarantees all systems to pass local and state codes.

* Dryer Vent Cleaning *

Regular cleaning of dryer vents and ducting helps to protect against fire and makes your appliance more energy efficient.

* Masonry *

There is no masonry job too big or too small for Merle.  He has been creatively building masonry projects in the San Juan Islands since 1986.

(look for examples of his work under the pictures tab)

Fireplaces & Barbecues (outdoors and indoors)  ~  Tile Work  ~  Retaining Walls  ~  Stone Pillors  ~  Rock, Brick or Cultured Stone on exterior of houses

* Masonry Waterproofing *

We have successfully used “Chimney Saver” products for 20 years.

Guaranteed to last 10 years.

Do you have a white flaky substance on your masonry?

Water seeping in and damaging ceilings and walls?

We can prevent any further damage by applying this product.

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