About Us

Meet Merle & Bonnie

Merle Turman started working with stone in 1986 with “Plumb Bob” Construction.  Working closely with Bob Blomgren, a legendary mason in Friday Harbor, gave him the skills, confidence and opportunity to begin operation in 1992 as Merle’s Masonry. He has the ability and the vision to take stone and turn it into an “Artistic Masterpiece”.

In 1993 Merle saw the need for quality chimney care in the San Juan Islands and branched out to stove sales and service.  Now over 2,500 Islanders call Merle “The Chimney Doctor” and trust him to clean and service their stove and chimney system every year.  Because of his passion for safety they can have peace of mind when they light their fires.

Merle’s honesty and knowledge has earned him the respect and trust of the insurance companies, real estate agents and property managers…… to give accurate safety inspection reports of all stoves, fireplaces and pipe systems.

William Turman grew up with two generations of masons.  By watching and working for them he learned masonry in multiple areas.  He carried those skills into a landscaping position and worked for 5 years on innovative  landscaping projects.  Adding to his masonry and landscaping skills is his precise operation of earth moving equipment, creating and building water features, patios and walkways.  Successfully operating his own landscaping business for 2 years polished his customer service and business management skills  .

In 2006 this father and son brought their talents together to form Turman Incorporated.  Enabling them to give customers an unlimited masonry, landscaping and stove purchasing experience.

Adding to this team is the office staff.  Bonnie Turman brings creativity, organization and proven customer service skills to the office management.